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  • Urban Areas Boundaries

    Urban Areas are settlement areas where development is concentrated and contain a mix of land uses. Urban Areas are designated in official plans and contain municipally provided...
  • Municipal Boundaries

    This dataset details the Municipal boundaries for the Region of Niagara. Modifications have been made to the Boundary file (Q4 2017) to reflect legal descriptions as contained...
  • Road Segments

    The dataset contains roads data for the Regional Municipality of Niagara. A geocoding index file is associated with this feature class and may be used to locate intersections...
  • Niagara Region Neighbourhoods

    This geospatial dataset represents the Neighbourhoods of the Regional Municipality of Niagara. For the purposes of statistical monitoring however, these neighbourhoods were...
  • Supermarkets

    This dataset contains limited attributes for grocery stores in Niagara. The list was compiled from data provided by Public Health, maintained for inspection purposes.
  • Niagara Trails

    This dataset illustrates the various formal bicycle trails located within the Region. The following trails are represented in this dataset: Welland Canals Parkway, The Greater...
  • Foodbanks

    This dataset contains attribute data for foodbanks in Niagara. The list and attribute data was provided to Community Services by the Hamilton Social Planning and Research Council.
  • Town of Grimsby Elected Officials

    A list of elected officials at the Town of Grimsby.
  • Historical Welland Canal Points of Interest

    This feature class contains points depicting point of interest along the historical Welland Canal routes. Included are features such as bridges, piers and locks. QA/QC of the...
  • Niagara Region Council Elected Officials

    A list of elected officials at the Niagara Regional level of government.

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