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Niagara Open Data is an open data website portal funded by the Regional Municipality of Niagara ("Niagara Region") and governed by our participating organizations.

Privacy and Access

As a municipally funded service, Niagara Open Data is subject to Ontario Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA), Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) and other privacy legislation.

Senders of messages should be aware that personal and other information contained in electronic correspondence (or printed versions thereof) which are directed to Niagara Open Data are subject to MFIPPA and may be deemed releasable under this legislation, and that the anonymity or confidentiality of the sender and any information contained within the communication cannot be guaranteed. Electronic messages residing on systems outside those of domain names owned by Niagara Region, but deemed to be in the custody and control of Niagara Region, may also be releasable under this legislation.

The Government of Ontario maintains a website with free access to Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and other legislation on their e-laws website.

Use of Collected Information

Niagara Open Data does not collect information for commercial or marketing purposes, and Niagara Open Data does not sell, exchange, or otherwise distribute the information collected through this website for commercial or marketing purposes. Niagara Open Data collects and uses only the minimum information needed to meet the purpose for which the collection is required.

Niagara Open Data will not - under any circumstances - use any information provided by visitors for any purpose that is inconsistent with the purpose for which the information was provided, as stated on the web page. A visitor to the Niagara Open Data website will not receive correspondence or e-mails from Niagara Open Data on any subject other than those subjects the visitor has given it permission to contact them about.

Information as part of the Public Record

Information submitted through online forms or other formats (e.g. emails, letters, petitions, etc.) may be placed in a public agenda and become part of the public record.

Your personal information will be collected and maintained for the purpose of creating a record and may be available to the general public pursuant to the Municipal Act 2001, the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA), and any other relevant Acts.

User contributed content

This website allows you and others to submit content to this website. If you choose to submit content, please be civil and respectful. You must not:

  1. mislead us or anyone else as to your identity or the origin of the submitted content, or falsely claim to represent a person, organization or entity;
  2. post or transmit any message, content or link to content that;
    a. you either do not own or do not have the necessary rights to post or transmit;
    b. is in violation of any law, rule or regulation or any third party right, or promotes illegal activity or conduct that would contravene any law, rule or regulation or third-party right;
    c. is abusive, hateful, homophobic, discriminatory, malicious, aggressive, threatening, violent, sexist, harassing, inflammatory, indecent, tortious, defamatory, knowingly false, misleading, deceptive, vulgar, obscene, offensive, scandalous, sexually explicit, profane, offensive or otherwise objectionable;
    d. incites hatred, racism, bigotry or physical harm of any kind;
    e. is unsolicited or unauthorized, such as unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional material, "junk mail", "spam", "chain letter", "pyramid scheme", or any other form of solicitation (commercial or otherwise);
    f. is in breach of any duty of confidentiality;
    g. includes personal data or information about others; and
    h. can result in us being liable to anyone else under any intellectual property rights law.

By submitting your content, you agree to give us a right to do what we want with the content that you submit and to permit others to do the same; in both cases, without the need to give you notice, acknowledgement or payment (except in the case of personal information, in which case our right to do what we want with it is subject to terms of our Privacy Statement, other privacy policies and applicable consents). You also agree to waive any moral rights as an author under copyright law in the submitted content.

While we may moderate certain interactive portions of this website, we are not required to, nor should you expect that we will, take action in response to any content posted on this website. The views expressed by others represent their own views and are not endorsed or approved by us, nor do we endorse or approve any events or other activities posted by a user.

We reserve the right not to post any content that you submit, and to remove, edit or move, at any time, any content submitted and posted on this website which does not comply with these Terms of Use or for any other reason that we determine appropriate.

We will cooperate with law enforcement officials and comply with any court order with respect to any claim or investigation due to any content posted or activity that you undertake on our website and will provide such content and provide information regarding your identity as well as other relevant information.

Source: Province of Ontario | Terms of Use: * https://www.ontario.ca/page/terms-use#section-7 (accessed: November 20, 2017)*

Use of "Cookies"

During user interaction with Niagara Open Data's website, we may use a browser feature called a "cookie" to collect information anonymously and track user patterns on the website. A cookie is a small text file containing a unique identification number that identifies your browser - but not you - to our computers each time you visit one of our pages. Cookies tell us which pages are visited and by how many people. This helps us enhance the online experience of visitors to our website.

Unless you specifically advise us, we will not know who you are, even though we may assign your computer a cookie. We cannot use cookies, by themselves, to disclose the individual identity of any site user, and we never combine information gathered by a cookie with personally identifiable information, such as your name, telephone number, or your e-mail address.

Links to Third Party Sites

This website contains links to other websites that are created and operated by independent bodies and are therefore not under the control of Niagara Open Data or Niagara Region. These website links are provided as a public service and do not imply the investigation or verification of the linked websites or their content by Niagara Open Data. Niagara Open Data is not responsible, and makes no express or implied representations or warranties concerning the products, services and information found on the linked websites.

Social Media Disclaimer

For the most part, comments and messages posted to Niagara Open Data's official social networking sites are considered transitory records and will not be kept as a permanent record. In the event that comments and messages are transferred for use on other websites or communication media, users acknowledge and consent by their use of Niagara Open Data's social networking sites that their comments or messages may become part of the public record and used in official Niagara Open Data documentation. It is in the discretion of Niagara Open Data which comments will be archived or used.

It is not the intent of Niagara Open Data to collect any personal information when users participate on its social media websites other than what is volunteered to the service. Comments and messages collected for the public record using social media will be treated like any other form of communication received by Niagara Open Data.

Niagara Open Data may monitor social networking content for appropriateness and will make reasonable efforts to ensure that content it posts is accurate at the time of posting. However, it is in the nature of social networking communications that accuracy and timeliness are not guaranteed and may not be reliable; as such, the user acknowledges that Niagara Open Data makes no such guarantees. As well, Niagara Open Data is not responsible for the authenticity or suitability of content posted to the channel by others. Posted comments and images do not necessarily represent the views of Niagara Open Data.

Niagara Open Data cannot and does not guarantee your privacy on 3rd party social networking websites as users are subject to the terms and conditions of the specific application. Users should review and agree to the 3rd party terms and conditions prior to participating.

Niagara Open Data will not be responsible for any losses or damages any user may suffer as a result of using 3rd party social networking websites; users participate at their own risk, for their own benefit and in so doing accept that they have no right of action against Niagara Open Data related to such use.

Niagara Open Data reserve the right to edit and/or remove comments and posts that contain content threats, off-topic remarks and comments, discriminatory language, expletive language, campaigning, partisan messaging or commercial advertisements or other material deemed inappropriate.


Niagara Open Data does not guarantee in any manner the quality, accuracy, or completeness of any information on this website, or in links provided by this website. A link between Niagara Open Data's website and any other website does not imply endorsement or sponsorship of that website, or the creator of that website.

Changes to this policy

Niagara Open Data will revise or update this policy if its practices change, or as it develops better ways to keep you informed about them. You should refer back to this page often for the latest information and the effective date of any changes.

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