City of Welland

The City of Welland is located in the heart of the Niagara Peninsula, south of Lake Ontario and North of Lake Erie. Via highway, Welland is approximately seventy-five minutes from Toronto and within thirty minutes of Buffalo, New York. Welland is bordered by the City of Thorold to the North, the Town of Pelham and the Township of Wainfleet to the West, the City of Port Colborne to the South, and the City of Niagara Falls to the East. The City of Welland is approximately 86 square kilometres in size with a population of 50,631 residents (2011 census data). The City has been shaped by two major historical factors. First, the City is traversed by the Welland By-pass Canal and the Welland Recreational Waterway both which have had a dramatic effect upon all aspects of Welland’s growth and expansion economically and socially. The second factor is Welland’s industrial legacy. Welland has been home to some of Canada’s largest and most famous industrial companies.

The City of Welland supports the open government concept and is committed to improving the delivery of services to its constituents, providing greater value, increasing transparency of governance activities, increasing citizen involvement, and supporting opportunities for economic growth. The free sharing of City information, or “Open Data”, further strengthens this commitment.

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