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  • completestreets

    Complete Streets

    A complete street is "a road that is designed to be safe for drivers, cyclists, transit vehicles and users and pedestrians of all ages and abilities" (National Complete Streets...
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  • treeocode-niagara

    treeOcode Niagara

    treeOcode Niagara is a Geospatial Niagara community engagement initiative developed in partnership between Geospatial Niagara and Public Service Request Inc. to crowd-source...
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  • niagara-minecraft-project

    Niagara Minecraft Project

    Inspired by the real world location Minecraft worlds created by the Ordnance Survey of the United Kingdom and the Danish GeoData Agency, the Niagara Minecraft Project began as...
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  • niagara-navigator

    Niagara Navigator

    Niagara Navigator can be used to help make more informed decisions and get answers to questions for a specific area or topic that involves a geographic dimension, including:...
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  • pingstreet


    Take the City of St. Catharines with you wherever you go with our Pingstreet app. The app makes it easy to access helpful information and services, including: Report potholes...
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  • neighbourhood-mapping-tool

    Neighbourhood Mapping Tool

    Niagara Neighbourhood Mapping Tool The Niagara Prosperity Initiative uses a neighbourhood-based approach as specific poverty issues and community dynamics vary from...
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